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For Public Transport once the customer buys the tickets on MyBoatRide.com, an online confirmation would be given via an email with a Unique Booking Reference Number which on showing at the port to the vendor representative, would hand over the tickets. Alternatively the customer can call the help line and have the tickets couriered to them at an additional cost.

Yes, the prices displayed on the ride detail page are all inclusive (tax & convenience charge) & is exactly what the customer pays.

Our customer past experience helps you judge the quality of service of a vendor. Our customers give a review to the ride and accordingly the vendor service is rated.

The Boat owners price the boats.

The Schedule of the Boats, the activities are priced by the vendor.

MyBoatRide Fun are activities designed by our innovative vendors. These are unique water experiences that are usually held a particular time of the day. You could choose the Fun activity on the basis of the customer reviews available to be sure for your next experience in the sea.

MyBoatRide Pool is a service that that allows you to share your ride with other passengers travelling on the same route. Pool allows you book seats on a boat to save your travel cost on a luxurious boat travel experience.

Yes, you can book a seat under a pool rides which allows customer to book a single seat on a boat or a yacht or a public transport.

Yes, you can charter / hire a full boat if available. You can search for just charter in the search bar on the home page.

No the Vendor does not have to own the boat but has the right by the owner of the boat in writing to market the boat and collect money on behalf of the owner. The vendor would take complete responsibility of the deliverable and safety of the passenger.

Go to “ADD NEW BOAT” and click on “add new boat” button. Fill the boat details carefully and submit it once complete and then your boat goes for verification.

MyBoatRide has designed really simple steps to monetise your boats. Register on MyBoatRide.com as a vendor and complete your trust and verification. Then you can proceed with listing your Boat details in “ADD NEW BOAT” form and submit the complete form and send it for verification. Once verified we activate your boat and allow you to make your own package under the category that you fine suitable and price it as you want it to be.

A person who list boats on myboatride.com is a vendor. He could be an agent, employee, or the real owner of the boat.

MyBoatRide.com is a marketplace for people to list, discover, and book Water Travel Experiences around the world on a single platform.