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Speed boat Belapur Navi Mumbai to South Mumbai

Speed boat Belapur Navi Mumbai to South Mumbai

Speedboats in Mumbai – An Efficient Transportation Option

Speedboats are becoming people for travel in and around Mumbai. Operating on several routes, such as Mumbai to Albaugh, Belapur to South Mumbai, Mumbai to Navi Mumbai, Mumbai to Gateway of India, speedboats considerably reducing the time taken for travel between destinations. In addition, speedboats also save you from congestion and pollution of road travels. Several round trips are offered everyday every day between most of the important destination for passenger transport.

You can hire speed boat Belapur Navi Mumbai to South Mumbai and for other destinations based on your need. Most of the speedboat operators offer online ticket booking facility, therefore, you do not need to visit the ticket window to buy your ticket. You can book your speedboats online and enjoy your travel without any hassle.

Gateway of India – An Important Destination on Your Speedboat Travel

There are important places that you can cover when you travel from through speedboats in Mumbai. Gateway of India is one of the important destinations and speedboat destination. It was built in early of the twentieth century to greet the royal visit of British personals. Now, the Gateway of India is an important tourist attraction and operates speedboats for most of the important places in and around the city. You can find speedboats for Belapur, Elephanta Caves, South Mumbai, Albaugh and several other places at Gateway of India at regular interval.  

Do not Miss Elephanta Caves – A World Heritage Site

Elephanta Island is another important speedboat and tourist destination in the city. The island is the home of Elephanta Caves, a world heritage site, known for rock cut temples and structures dedicates to Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. You can find speedboats for most of the places from Elephanta Island, such as Belapur Navi Mumbai, South Mumbai, Albaugh, and Gateway of India. You can also hire your speedboat for round trip if required. 

Travel between Belapur Navi Mumbai and South Mumbai within 30 Minutes

By using speed boat Belapur Navi Mumbai to South Mumbai, you can cover 22-kilometer distance within 30 minutes. Speedboats reduce travel time considerably and save lot of travel time of passengers. To avoid last minute rush, it is important to book your speedboat in advance. You can choose economical, or luxury speedboat as require. Luxury speedboats offer air-conditioned coupes with bar and other amenities. Luxury services are good for travel and tourism purpose. You can also enjoy it on your water travel of the city. 

You can book your speedboats at MyBoatRide online portal, a leading operator for speedboats and yacht in Mumbai. There are two types of speedboat services available. These services are speedboat charter 12-seater and speed boat taxi charter 6-seater. You can choose the service as you need. To get your package get customized, you can contact support team of MyBoatRide. You can connect to support team online or over a telephone call. We are available 24*7 to assist people plan their travel and get the best possible services according to their need. If you are planning a speedboat trip in and around Mumbai, try MyBoatRide for most committed services.

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