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Mumbai to Mandwa Water Ferries Some Important Guidelines

Mumbai to Mandwa Water Ferries Some Important Guidelines

When you are travelling from Mumbai to Mandwa or vice versa, ferry rides are one of the most effective and enjoying way of travel. You can complete this distance within one hour also at a very nominal charge. In addition, you will also enjoy the cruising over the tranquil seawater and beautiful sightseeing in your travel. 

There are some important guidelines that you need to follow when you travel using M2m ferries. One of the most important is that passengers must arrive around 1 hour before the departure time to ensure hassle-free security checks and screenings. You can also travel Mandwa to Mumbai with your pets, however, there are some important instructions that you need to take care of. Your pets must be on a strap. Pets will be in the designated pet zone and only one attendant is allowed in the pet zone to take care of.

You can carry your overnight handbag with you while your M2m ferries. However, you need to leave your luggage in the designated loading area. The handbag that you need to carry has some limits on its weight, therefore, it is important to check the luggage related important information before you start packing for your travel.

It is important to note that booked tickets for Mumbai to Mandwa ferry cannot be cancelled and no refund will be granted. Therefore, you need to plan well your trip to make sure everything goes smoothly. It is also important to listen all the announcements at the time of on boarding to your M2m ferries. You need to pay close attention to all briefings and announcements so that you do not miss any safety instructions. These safety instructions will be very handy while your ride. If you are first timer, it is important to note down all important safety instructions.

If you or anyone in your surroundings feel medical help, connect to the nearest crew member immediately. All the crew members are well trained to handle medical emergencies and they will call the required staff for your help. Make sure that you do not left your children unattended because it

There are some important restrictions on M2m ferries that you must remember. Some important restrictions are weapons and sharp objects are not allowed on the ferry ride. Firemen, sellers, and beggars are not allowed to travel. In addition, smoking, drinking, spitting, fishing, or spreading trash are strictly restricted when you on board to your ferry ride till the end of your travel. In addition, do not lean on the safety railings of the ferry to avoid any kind of mishappening. 

You can also take your vehicle on Mumbai to Mandwa ferries. However, you need to follow M2m ferries vehicle transportation instructions. When you board on ferry make sure that engine of your vehicle must be turned off. In addition, must keep your vehicle on hand break while your travel.   


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