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Mumbai to Alibaug by boat

Mumbai to Alibaug by boat

Mumbai, the dream city, has included one more ride i.e. the boat ride. Alibaug is generally pronounced as Alibag or Alibagh. This is a coastal town in Maharashtra and located in the south of Mumbai. Whenever someone visits Mumbai, this becomes around obvious to visit Alibag for some incredible experiences. This is referred to as ‘mini Goa’ and so you can understand why it is important to travel from Mumbai to Alibaug by boat. Alibag is popular for sandy beaches and coconut groves; thus it provides spectacular sightseeing along with fun.

Gateway of India is considered as the initiation point to move for Alibag in the greed of indulgence. If you are moving from Mumbai to Alibaug by boat, it may take around an hour to reach the destination, especially Mandwa beach as this is your desired destination here. This is going to an hour of fun and delight. You can enjoy the incredible views of the way. The calm water will soothe your journey.

The service of traveling from Mumbai to Alibaug by boat is available from 6 o’clock morning to same for the evening. Altogether you can say that one can join the ride for 12 hours in a day, and no night facility is available. You can get the tickets at the entrance of Gateway of India complex or you can book online by visiting myboatride.com. Once you get the tickets, your journey starts. Near to the place of destination, you can get the buses to move from Mandwa beach.  

There are some noticeable points before moving for Mumbai to Alibaug by boat. Firstly, note the season of this in concern to avoid any last time hustles. Maharashtra, especially Mumbai, is so popular for its rainy season and heavy rains in Monsoon seasons. The months from June to early September are so critical in terms of boat journeys. Ergo, there is no boat service in the period of time in concern to avoid the possible risks. You can enjoy the same joy when the service restarts in September.

The cost of this boat trip solely depends upon the boat and the ambiance you choose to travel. The cost gets varied in terms of some particular terms like whether you are choosing the main deck or upper deck. Apart from this, the air-conditioned boats are comparatively higher from the other boats. The air-conditioned ambiance of boat charges around Rs. 150/- per head. In addition to this, the around charges of the main and upper deck are Rs. 110/- and Rs. 135/- respectively.

What we have discussed about prices is just the one-way charges for the boat trip. Eventually, you can say that a trip from Mumbai to Alibaug by boat is a great investment to feel natural. Away from the bustles of the city, this time is a way to feel the tranquillity. This journey will be more pleasant than the journey by road. The cherishing boat trips are tremendous ones to enjoy group trips too. Even, you can enjoy the small get together too here.

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